Top 5 Best Patio Heaters


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Introduction to Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are an extremely popular outdoor accessory that people purchase for their outdoor spaces. Finding the right patio heater is extremely important if you want a relaxing outdoor space. This post will be evaluating some of the very best product selections that you can currently find on the Amazon marketplace.

Searching for the right product can be stressful and frustrating, but we are going to most of the hard work for you by presenting you with the information inside of this guide. You will then be able to look at each of these five products and compare them against each other to determine which one is right for you.
Different Types of Patio Heaters

There are several different types of outdoor patio heaters, but the two most popular kinds are electric patio heaters and tabletop patio heaters. Electric patio heaters are popular because they are efficient, quiet, energy-saving, and affordable. These are four of the most important factors that customers are going to consider during their product search. Most electric heaters align with all of these factors and that is why they are typically among the most popular patio heater products on Amazon’s market.

There are also tabletop patio heaters on the Amazon marketplace. These types of heaters are typically way more compact in terms of size and they are also fairly affordable. Tabletop patio heaters are usually powered by propane cylinders, but some designs are also available with electric power.

We will be featuring multiple types of patio heaters within this buyer’s guide. You will have a sufficient opportunity to take a look at some of the best propane-powered patio heaters as well as having the chance to look at some of the best electric-powered products that are available.

How to Use Patio Heaters

The assembly process is typically the most challenging part of the entire operating process. In most cases, after you have completed the initial installation and assembly process, it is usually pretty simple to continuously operate your patio heater on a daily basis.

Many of the patio heater products that you will find within this review will need to be assembled and secured into place. This process is designated to prevent any unnecessary damage from occurring. After this process is completed, you can typically begin using the patio heater.

Electric heaters are usually more energy-efficient, but it is important to remember that propane-powered heaters usually require propane cylinders. These are typically not included with the shipment of the patio heater. It is important that you purchase these propane cylinders separately if you end up buying a gas-powered patio heater.

What Design Features are Most Important for Customer to Consider?

Every customer might have a slightly different opinion in regards to which design features are the most important when browsing the market for the best patio heater. We are going to layout our opinions from varying perspectives to try and help you to figure out the answer to this question.

We will start by discussing the features that are likely the most important to the majority of customers. Those features are typically related to quality, durability, ease-of-use, and overall efficiency. Every customer that purchases a top-tier patio heater is going to expect a high level of design quality. This means that customers should expect outstanding durability standards and any issues to reliability are an automatic disqualification from consideration.

The debate between propane-powered and electric-powered patio heaters will go on for a long time. The truth is that both options are good for certain purposes. If you are looking for a genuine gas-powered patio heater, you might want to choose a patio heater that utilizes that type of power source.

Alternatively, you might be interested in selecting a slightly more efficient and modern design that utilizes electric power. It is impossible to answer this question for every individual customer, but it is important to outline the facts within this buyer’s guide so that readers have all of the information that they need before they complete their purchase.

There is no doubt that durability, reliability, and the general source of power are the most important design factors that customers will have to balance throughout their search. If you are already stressed out about this product search, it might be a good idea for you to take a deep breath before we start discussing the price and value of each patio heater product.

Product Reviews – The Top 5 Patio Heaters on Amazon

Product #1 – AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater

AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater

One of the top patio heater choices that you will have to consider is the AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater. This stylish patio heater is available in several color schemes, including stainless steel and Havana bronze. There are up to six stylish design configurations that you can choose from on the product page.

There are over 1,000 positive reviews for this product because of its outstanding design quality and general affordability. The durable design of this patio heater has played a major role in the spike in popularity with customers. There is also a Piezo ignition system and a safety auto shut-off valve integrated into the design.

A basic wheel assembly system is also included with this patio heater. This addition can make it significantly easier to move this patio heater around your outdoor patio space. The sturdy base of this patio heater is another popular and effective design element that existing customers have praised. There are certainly alternative options out there that are affordable, but many of them do not have stability within their base and that leads to a fairly wobbly and unstable patio heater.

The simplified start-up ignition system only requires a standard 20-pound gas cylinder. This is not included with the initial purchase and will need to be purchased separately before using this patio heater. This heavy-duty patio heater from AmazonBasics is capable of outputting upwards of 40,000 BTUs of heat.

As far as the manufacturer goes, AmazonBasics has an outstanding reputation on the market for providing customers with high-quality products at an affordable price range. There are certainly a lot of reasons to consider purchasing this patio heater, but you will probably want to take a look at the remaining patio heater selections from this buyer’s guide before finalizing your purchase decision.


– Sturdy Base with Wheels for Portability
– Simple Ignition System
– Extremely Durable and Safe (Safety Valve Included)


– Requires a 20-Pound Gas Cylinder to Start (Not Included)
– Patio Heater Paint Chips Off Over Time
– Poor Customer Service and No Warranty Information Provided

Product #2 – Hiland Pyramid Patio Propane Heater

Hiland Pyramid Patio Propane Heater

Our second product selection happens to be the Hiland Pyramid Patio Propane Heater. This particular patio heater is powered by propane and spans in width to a total of 87-inches. The most popular color selection with this particular product is bronze, but there are also silver and black designs available for you to choose from.

This patio heater from Hiland utilizes an electronic ignition system that is reliable and safe. It also requires a traditional 20-pound LPB bib tank. This is not included and must be purchased separately from the patio heater.

Many customers have found a great location for this heater on their patio or within their backyard. This could be an ideal patio heater to place next to a swimming pool or around your gathering space. You can enjoy a warm and peaceful night under the stars when utilizing this Hiland Pyramid Patio Propane Heater.

In terms of value, we definitely have to praise Hiland for retaining a generous price range for this heater. In addition to the great price point, all customers are also offered a one-year complimentary warranty against manufacturer defects with their purchase. Customer support is also available at all times in case you need some assistance with your product.

Many customers have expressed that they do not regret their purchase. This patio heater stands tall at 87-inches and it does an outstanding job at heating your patio, even in the coldest winter conditions.


– Several Color Schemes Available (Bronze, Black Matte, Silver)
– Reliable Electronic Ignition System
– Integrated Wheels for Portability


– 20-Pound LPG Bib Tank is Not Included
– Customers have Reported Several Shipping Issues (Item Arriving Damaged)
– Minor Durability Concerns

Product #3 – TrusTech Outdoor Electric Patio Heater with Remote

TrusTech Outdoor Electric Patio Heater with Remote

We are now prepared to shift our focus away from traditional propane patio heaters and move on to looking at items that provide a slightly different design perspective. This Outdoor Electric Patio Heater does not require propane cylinders and instead relies completely on electricity with its energy-saving design.

One nifty feature that many customers like is the ability to set a 24-hour timer for their heater. The item also ships with a remote control to make your life even easier.
This electric heater also inherits a multi-purpose design. This heater can be used outdoors on your patio space or you could choose to bring it inside your house. There are no limits to how you use this electric heater, but many customers have reported great success with using this on their patio.

There are three primary heating settings that come equipped with this particular electric patio heater. The heater device can be configured to use either 500-watts, 1000-watts, or 1500-watts of power. The three-level heating system has proven to be ideal for customers that want to control the amount of heat that is produced from their device. The electric design of this heater is also one of the reasons that it is so much quieter than many of its rival products within the industry.

Safety is also always a concern for customers and TrusTech takes it very seriously. One of the primary safety features is the auto shut-off system that is designed to cut power to the heater when it starts getting too hot. You will never have to works about any potential safety hazards when using a high-quality heater from TrusTech.


– Three Primary Heating Settings (500-Watts, 1000-Watts, or 1500-Watts)
– Multi-Purpose Design (Works Indoors and Outdoors)
– 24-Hour Heating Timer System and Remote Control Included


– Slightly More Expensive than Industry Rival Products
– Minor Risk of Durability Issues

Product #4 – Fire Sense Tabletop Patio Heater





Our fourth product review will focus on the Fire Sense Tabletop Patio Heater. This compact heater is available in either bronze or stainless steel. If you have an outdoor patio space with tables, this could be an ideal heater for each tabletop space. This device is capable of producing up to 10,000 BTU’s of heat. The simple piezo ignition system is convenient and quick. A standard 1-pound propane cylinder is required and must be purchased separately.

This compact tabletop heater is capable of heating up to 100-square feet of space around it. The lightweight and portable design have resulted in several positive reviews from customers on Amazon. In addition to the positive customer feedback, Amazon has also decided to endorse and recommend this product on their page.

Even though this isn’t a full-sized patio heater, it still provides potential customers with several reasons to consider purchasing it. This heater is extremely affordable and provides great value. Additionally, it is also a beautiful decorative piece that could be added to your outdoor patio space. The last major reason that you might want to purchase this Fire Sense Tabletop Patio Heater is that it can efficiently and effectively heat up to 100-square feet of space outdoors.


– Extremely Compact and Portable Design for Tabletops
– Affordable and Effective
– Two Color Options are Available (Bronze and Stainless Steel)


– This Device is Only Designed to Heat up to 100-Square Feet)
– Requires a One-Pound Propane Cylinder (Sold Separately)
– This Tabletop Heater is Not Very Energy-Efficient (Chugs Through Propane Rapidly)

Product #5 – FDW Patio Heater

FDW Patio Heater

We are nearing the end of our outdoor patio heater product reviews. There is one final important product that we need to look at before we conclude our search. Our fifth and final selection happens to be the FDW Patio Heater. This device is capable of outputting up to 47,000 BTU’s of heat at once. This energy-efficient gas heater is ideal for outdoor patio spaces in cold conditions.

The assembly process is quick and easy. There should be no significant challenges during the assembly process and you could expect to have this device assembled within a few minutes. There are two main color options that customers can select from when visiting the product page. These two-color schemes include either bronze or mocha.

Some customers have expressed their appreciation towards the general affordability of this patio heater. It is certainly one of the most affordable selections on the Amazon market. FDW has done an outstanding job of finding a way to provide value and quality with the design of their product.

This selection might be ideal for customers that want to get the best bang for their buck. If you are on a tighter spending budget, you might want to look at cheaper patio heater products like this one. There are several impressive design elements on this particular patio heater, including the ultra-safe shutoff valve that ensures no dangerous hazards exist during the operation of this heater. Any sense of overheating will immediately trigger a shut-down to prevent durability issues.

There are very few reports of reliability concerns from customers. That is a fairly good signal because cheaper products sometimes sacrifice durability to provide value to their customers. That does not appear to be the case with the FDW Patio Heater.


– Extremely Affordable Price Range
– Two Primary Color Options (Bronze and Mocha)
– Fast and Simple Assembly Process


– Requires 20-Pound Gas Cylinder (Sold Separately)
– Cheap Design Materials (Poor Quality)

Final Thoughts

We have now had the opportunity to write about five of the highest-rated patio heaters on Amazon’s platform. This buyer’s guide should have provided readers with plenty of information about these types of patio heaters. There is no doubt that the product search can be stressful, but it is important to remember that you should always conduct an appropriate amount of research before finalizing your purchase.

It is highly recommended that you read through all of the reviews within this buyer’s guide. There is valuable information within the Pros and Cons section of each post. You can learn more about each of these products by visiting the product page and looking through individual product reviews.

With that being said, you should now be prepared to make your purchase. There are five great patio heaters presented to you within this review and you should have no trouble narrowing down your options and making a decision.