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Here come some of the best pellet grills for you to cook great and tasty food in these pellet grills. We all like food cooked in grills but when we cook in pellet grills or charcoal grills, it gives them that additional rustic flavor to food to touch our taste buds in mouth with feelings of calmness and good times in our mind which are beyond demonstrable. That’s why for keeping the awesome flavor of food cooked in smoky pellet wood sticks of different variety in the hearts of people for a long time we have come up with a small list of best pellet grills which would encourage people to buy pellet grills and cook scrumptious food in it to keep the taste and history of pellet grills alive for generations to come.

So come on folks without any further delay we will look into some options of best pellet grills and beyond right below.

Top Best pellet grills to buy

REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill – top-rated grill with smart features

REC TEC Wood best Pellet Grills

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it’s a nice pellet grill which comes with smart temperature maintaining technology for complete cooking of the dish. It has been rated 5 stars on Amazon by hundreds of users who have used this pellet grill for cooking tasty dishes without any problem.

it comes with 40 lbs of hopper capacity and 700 sq inches of cooking features ceramic lighter for easy ignition and high comes with a high-quality porcelain enamel coating along with high-temperature coating.

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

it comes with amazing open flame technology. its foldable legs which double as handles makes this portable pellet grill perfect for outing and tailgating parties. moreover, it comes with sense mate technology to constantly monitor the grill temperature for perfect cooking of your dishes.

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

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it weighs around 57 lbs and comes in dimensions of 20.87 x 16.54 x 32.13 inches. the grill is wifi enabled which helps to control various functions of grill including temp from your ios or android apps on your smartphone.

it comes with a peaked led for easy cooking of different food items, also features open flame grease tray along with a utility tray with hooks. To check out user reviews and buy at lowest market price click below button.


Traeger Pellet Grills BBQ155.01- Best pellet grill

It comes with 292 sq inches of cooking features automatic auger and electronic start system with digital controls to make cooking on this pellet grill easy.

it comes in the beautiful bronze finish, weighs 71 lbs and comes in dimensions of 21 x 23 x 21 inches. it comes with hooper capacity of 10lbs which can easily store a large number of pellets easily at one time.

Traeger Pellet Grills BBQ155.01

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Its legs are not foldable but overall its nice pellet bbq grill for grilling with wood you can buy it without hesitation if you like it. to checkout latest user reviews before buying this pellet grill and then buy at lowest price with discount press button below


Louisiana Grills 60900 -LG900 pellet grill

it comes with around 900 sq inches of the cooking area divided into 2 sectors i.e 633 in the main area and 280 in the upper area. it comes with porcelain cast iron grate and removable upper main grids for cleaning purpose.

Louisiana Grills 60900-LG900 pellet grill

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it comes with fully digital controls with programmable meat prob which allows cooking meat inside out at desired temp without overcooking or undercooking of meat from inside.temperatures can be adjusted from 170 degrees F to 600 degree F with 5-degree interval increments.

It comes with 14 lbs hopper space and made up with heavy duty steel gauge which makes it weighs around 166 lbs and comes in dimensions of 23 x 38 x 26 inches.

some people faced the problem of overheating pellet box or temp control or burning electric due to high temp for these you can keep the temp down or contact the company for help and support.

How does pellet grill work

Pellet grills work on the principals of pellet stove as it contains a hopper of different size which holds the wood pellets made up of sawdust and wood fillings of different trees.moreover these pellets comes in different flavors like apple pellets, oak, cherry, hickory etc to give your food tasty rustic flavor. The size of these pellet ranges from 1 inch to 3 inches in length and 1/4 in width for easy feeding in the burning pot.

From Hooper, they are fed by some easy pouring mechanism to the burning pot which contains a burning rod which helps to ignite the pellets easily from outside along with a fan which helps to spread the pellet smoke and heat through the burning chamber evenly for streamlined cooking.

Nowadays many smart pellet grills are coming on the market with many new features like temperature controller which allows to increase the temperature or decrease it by manipulating the feed of pellets in burning chamber. Moreover, wifi enabled pellet grills can be easily controlled by mobile phone also for cooking meals to its fullest without burning them.

Pellet grills advantages

In a pellet grill, you do not get the problem of frequent high-intensity flares and it gets heat up fast in 10 minutes for cooking scrumptious meals.

Pellet grills can also work like a convection oven so it will cook all the food items in it evenly without leaving anything uncooked.

on a pellet grill, you can use it for smoking, roasting, baking, bruising, cooking bbq and much more which makes it one of the kind and very versatile type of grill.

in pellet grill, you can control temperature to a greater extent and many pellet grills give the option to control temp in 5-degree increments at a time. also, pellet delivery mechanism based on temp controller makes it easy and effortless for cooking with pellet grills at the right temperature.

on a pellet grill, you can use wood of many flavors like hickory, maple, cherry, apple etc to get tasty flavors in your can mix multiple flavor wood for cooking different meals. on an average, 1 hour cooking on smoke setting will require 0.5 lbs of wood pellets and in high-temperature settings, it will require 2-3 lbs of wood.

they come in multiple sizes from small to big to commercial sizes which allows you to cook delicious meals every time with flavored wood pellets and chip easily.

using pellet grills with wood pellets produce 90% less co2 when compared with other traditional fuel sources used in other types of grills which makes it great for environmentally conscious people to reduce the impact of co2 and burning fossil fuels which cause a lot of damage to our surrounding directly and indirectly. you can check out the co2 Figures from different fuel sources in the image given below:


Source: The Carbon Balance of Woodfuel, Northern Woodheat, 2010

Pellet grill drawbacks

electricity requirement

pellet grill works on electricity, so you need to always make sure that its near to electric source. if you have a long cord or generator then you can have some portability to take it some nearby area like a garden, your patio etc for cooking otherwise you will have a stick where theirs is electricity for using pellet grills unlike gas and charcoal grills which can be used anywhere.

fuel source

Generally, it works with the wood pellets which can be sometimes an expensive fuel source for cooking delicious meals when compared to other gas and charcoal grills.


Pellet grills are expensive to buy and ranges between few hundred to few thousands besides that pellets are also expensive if you buy flavored wood pellets like pellets made of different fruit woods to induce flavor in your meals.moreover you need to keep them in safe dry place because if pellet gets wet anytime then they will disintegrate and become useless for cooking in pellet grills.

As the grill is expensive so are its parts, so if something gets worn out or gets broken then it will cost more, so to get it covered by company make sure your grill comes with a warranty for first few years.


pellet grill requires little more maintenance in the cleaning area. In these grills, you need to clean the deflector plates and burn pot also unlike gas and charcoal grill where you only need to clean the drip tray and do little bit scraping on cooking surface to get it clean.

any sauce and oil grease fall directly on the deflector plates in pellet grills which prevent heat transmission and flare up and over time it becomes soot which hampers the true flavor of your food and requires more time for cooking as heat doesn’t reach it. moreover sometime occasionally you will find some ashes from pellets in the burn pot and other places on the grill, so to clean it run a vacuum cleaner across the grill to keep it clean.

pellet grills also come with some electric components, so when they broke down and get worn out you need to replace them as well for the smooth working of your grill for many more years to come.

Things to consider before buying best pellet grills


size is yet another factor to consider while buying a pellet grill.if you are buying for a small family then smaller grill is fine as it will be cheap and come with less cooking surface area. if you are buying to cook for a large group of people in the party and get together then medium size pellet grill is fine. so buy according to your need and requirement.


Price of the pellet grill is expensive compared to other kinds of the grill like charcoal, gas etc. because it involves better electronics and design structure and allows you to cook many different kinds of meals effectively. it is for grilling enthusiasts. so if you willing to invest some money in a good grill for cooking great meals then you can buy pellet grills at discounted rates from links on this page.

Type of controller

while buying a pellet grill check out what type of control option it comes with as its very important for the pellet grill to control at right time to grill the food right way at right temp without getting it burned.

Wifi based controller

Pellet grill now days comes with electric circuit boards which allows them to have multiple control and electric features for full functionality. having wifi control allows pellet grills to be controlled by the smartphone via company app to monitor temp and do much more things with your pellet grills.

some of the famous options for pellet grills which come with wifi includes Davy Crockett Pellet Grill and Green Mountain, Grill

PID Controller

Proportional Integral Derivative Controller is a nascent technology which manufacturers are working with to integrate it in their pellet grills effectively as it allows the user to maintain accurate temp in the pellet grill to cook the juicy food items at right temperature easily.

Miscellaneous features

Make sure your pellet grills comes with all the essential features like digital temperature controller, secondary and primary cooking racks, moving wheels and stands etc.

Quality if auger

make sure that your pellet grill comes with good quality auger as it would help you cook tasty food items always without breaking or jamming while cooking. also, it will help your pellet smoker to last for a long time without any issues and maintenance requirements.

The thickness of outside metal

make sure that your pellet grill is made up from good quality metal element like steel etc which can retain heat for a long time without losing it to surroundings because if you buy a cheap pellet smoker with thin outer walls then heat will be constantly lost and you will find it difficult to maintain the inner temp to cook your food items at right temp to make them delicious to taste.

How to maintain pellet grill effectively?


cleaning of the grill before and after cooking is a most vital task for its longevity. always clean the ashtray after you have cooked the food and also remove and clean grease pan once all the food item is cooked to removed all unwanted grease from the pan and grill.

before you start cooking next time make sure that there is no soot or grease leftover from previous time which got stuck to grates, gasket and other areas, if there is some then clean it before start cooking as it can ruin your food flavor and cause rapid corrosion of your grill to reduce its life which you definitely don’t want.

you should also clean its thermostat from time to time for correct temp measurement inside the grill


Inspecting your grill from time to time for its full functionality and all its features is important to know its current working state. the most important component you need to inspect if you cook often is burners as they are the one which gets worn out after a certain period of time.

make sure that they are not getting corroded and no grease or any other item is struck by them and they are blockage free which ensures full and required a supply of heat without interruption. also occasionally clean the burn pot properly.

Replacement of gasket and other elements

on a pellet grill, it happens that some parts get worn out over time and you need to replace them every couple of year to keep the grill working fine. these parts could be burners, pot area, fire starter, pellet smoker gasket where the upper dome meets base etc.

you can buy a grill repair kit and the part itself and fix the worn out part easily at home without any trouble if you pellet smoker grill is out of warranty for its longevity.

Take care of grill exterior

it is mandatory for you to take care of the exterior of the pellet smoker as much as interior to make it last longer. you can clean the outer surface of the grill by using any nontoxic soap or vinegar with hot water and a scrub or scrubbing all the unwanted spots on the surface to bring its shine back. its adviced not to use any wool wire or metal brush or scrub on the grill as it could remove the grill polish which will make it look bad.

you need to lubricate its motors and fans with the right lubrication ail to keep them functioning properly over time. also always keep your grill covered with pellet grill cover to protect them from all kinds of dust, unwanted bacteria, UV rays, water, insects etc.

it is also advised that you should not keep the pellet smoker grill vacant for too long as it can become a breeding ground for unwanted molds, mildews and bacteria in the grill and under the grill cover which can make your grill rust and in bad shape unfit for cooking in future.

Read instruction manual

always read instruction manual as it provides all the instruction for using and preserving the pellet grill in right way for long durations without any troubles. it gives guidelines for making the food item in right ways, using grill features in right way and then cleaning it in the right way without using any kind of water and unwanted substances which could ruin its inner electronic components and other items.

it also gives you warranty information and contact information for the manufacturers in case you get some trouble while using your pellet smoker effectively.

Recommended Brands of Pellet Grills

Today, there are numerous manufacturers of pellet grills, but not all brands can offer efficient products with top-notch quality. So, to help you in your search, here are the most highly recommended brands of pellet grills.

REC TEC Grills
Founded in 2009, REC TEC Grills is an American company that specializes in manufacturing pellet grills. They also offer a variety of products, such as grill accessories, gas cookers, and wood pellets.

The pellet grills manufactured by Rec Tec are made with high-quality components and world-class craftsmanship. As such, you are guaranteed that these products are durable and of superior quality. Plus, they offer advanced features that will help you cook mouthwatering dishes without a problem.

Green Mountain Grills
Green Mountain Grills is a US-based company that offers a variety of products, including grills, sauces, dry rubs, and pellets. This company aims to provide its customers with that best grilling experience without breaking the bank. Products from this company are affordable yet high-quality.

Aside from being durable, pellet grills from Green Mountain Grills are also packed with advanced technology. For example, the Davy Crockett pellet grill has a Sense Mate Technology that constantly monitors grill temperature, ensuring you that your dishes are perfectly cooked.

Traeger Pellet Grills
Founded by Joe Traeger in 1985, Traeger Pellet Grills offers a variety of products, such as grills, accessories, pellets, and sauces. This American company aims to make outdoor cooking easier and better tasting by providing its customers with innovative and high-quality products.

Although affordable, pellet grills from Traeger Pellet Grills have a sturdy and elegant design, so you are guaranteed that they are long-lasting. Aside from that, Traeger pellet grills are also packed with advanced features that can help you grill tasty dishes with ease. An example of this is the Traeger Pellet Grills BBQ155.01. This product features an electronic start system and automatic auger that can make the grilling process simpler and easier.

Louisiana Grills
Louisiana Grills is a subsidiary of Danson Inc., a US-based company founded by Dan Thiessen in 1999. Louisiana Grills products are well-known for their durability and excellent craftsmanship. Plus, this company aims to enhance your grilling experience by providing you with high-quality outdoor products.

Pellet grills from Louisiana Grills are not only well-designed; they also have advanced features that can help you grill flavorful dishes. For instance, pellet grills from this company have a Digital Control Center and Programmable Meat Probe, ensuring you that your meat is perfectly cooked.

Camp Chef
Camp Chef is one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor cooking products. This is because this US-based company offers innovative and high-quality products that offer efficient ways to cook for any outdoor gathering.

Camp Chef pellet grills are versatile, durable, and well-designed. Plus, they are packed with great features. For example, the Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill comes with a Smart Smoke Technology that can maintain the heat for you and produce the optimal amount of smoke. Through this, you can expect perfect results without constantly monitoring the food.

Pellet grills FAQ

does pellet grills require electricity for working?

pellet grills work with electricity and use a standard 110 v power outlets to supply electricity for working and providing power to the auger, control board and fan.

is it necessary to soak wood pellets in water prior to using in pellet grill or pellet smokers?

no wood pellets are not required to be soaked in water before using them in grill for cooking tasty food because they are made in factory under pressure and all impurities are removed prior to its manufacturing so it gives consistent burning quality without any hiccups making it easy use anytime anywhere without any hassles of soaking prior to cooking.

is it possible to smoke with pellet grills?

pellet grills are also called pellet smoker because they are a quite versatile cooking appliance in any kitchen because you can cook on these wood pellet grills in multiple forms like smoking, baking, grilling, bbq, roasting etc because it also works as convection oven sometimes if you want to cook all kinds of different meals as per your requirement.

how many pellets can a pellet grill hopper hold in it?

it depends on the size of the grill you are buying. generally, pellet grills come with a hopper with the capacity to hold 18-20 lbs of pellets which is capable of cooking continuously for up to 24 hours on medium heat settings.

is it necessary to use pellets in the pellet grills or can I use wood chunks also?

it is advised to use only pellets of good quality in the pellet grills and not make use of wood chunks or wood chips as they are very unorganized in shape and can result in an excessive unwanted fire in the grill which can damage the grill electronics, spoil the food and lead to other major and minor accidents

what different flavors do pellets comes in?

wood pellets come in a lot of different flavors for you to cook your food item in your favorite flavor to get great tasting food. some of the popular wood pellet flavors are apple, cherry, oak, maple, peach, hickory etc. you can also cook by mixing pellets of multiple flavors to induce and mix the flavor in the food to make it delicious on your best wood pellet grills.

how many pellets are required for cooking in pellet grills?

Usage of pellets in grill depends on the temperature of grill you want for cooking and outer weather conditions. if you cook in pellet grill under normal conditions and fine weather with avg humidity then it will consume about 0.5 lbs of pellets per hours in smoke settings and about 2.5 lbs per hour on high settings.

where should pellet bags be stored?

It should be stored in a cool and dry place in closed condition away from any moisture to prevent any kind of moisture and water to go in the bag as it will keep the pellets useable and give you good efficiency for longer burning time from the pellets.

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