Top 5 Outdoor Wood-Fired Ovens


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Spice up your outdoor life with an outdoor wood-fired oven. The truth is, out of the various types of ovens, wood-fired ovens offer some of the best features. Wood-fired outdoor ovens release low carbon compared to their gas-fired counterparts and so they are environmentally friendly – but this is just a tip of the iceberg. Outdoor ovens are the best way to showcase your culinary skills in an outdoor party to the amazement of your esteemed guests. Whether its barbecue, bread baking or pizza, an outdoor wood-fired oven has got you covered. Another huge advantage is that they rise to really high temperatures. Although you don’t really need an excess of 1000°C to cook, it cooks your food faster ensuring that nutrients which are usually lost during prolonged cooking are retained in your food. That’s why foods cooked in wood-fired ovens usually taste better.

Are you a fan of roasted meats? Meats roasted in wood-fired ovens usually oust all others in tastiness as it contains that smoky flavor that’s absent in electric and gas-fired ovens. The underlying olive, oak or juniper flavor (depending on the wood you choose) is just one irresistible delight. Utilize your outdoor space and socialize with friends during the summer – although you don’t need any much space to use an outdoor oven.

Finally, outdoor ovens are really quite durable. However, like everything else, some are just better than others. And, as usual, we’re here to ensure that you get the very best of the best. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of five of the best Outdoor wood-fired ovens just for you.

Here are the Top 5 Best Outdoor Wood Fired Ovens:

1. Bertello Wood Fire and Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven

Bertello Wood Fire and Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven

Don’t be a fooled by the name, it’s more than just a pizza oven. The Bertello pizza oven effectively cooks great fish, taquitos, bake bread and cakes, if you wish. One of the greatest mistakes people make is regarding this great household tool as just a pizza oven. If you have been yearning to own your own outdoor oven, but outdoor space has made it almost impossible – then this one is made for you. It’s portable and yet effective so you can simply place it in the little space you’ve got and be ready to churn out tasty pizzas. Because it’s light and portable, you can convey it to the beach or park on your next picnic or camping and make pizzas and barbecue for everyone. It promises to be fun.

With this oven, you worry much less about fire control as its build goes a long way in preventing the fire from blowing out of proportion even though it cooks as high as 930F (500°C). What we, and most customers, love most about this product is that its very easy to use. You can simply start the oven by immersing some cotton balls in isopropyl alcohol and ten laying chunks of wood on the cotton balls before striking a match stick. In as little as 10 – 15 minutes, the oven preheats to temperatures suitable enough for your cooking. If you’re making pizza, you can add a little chunk of wood after each set to keep the fire alive and active. Again, you can occasionally fan the fire either manually or with USB-powered fans to constantly reinvigorate it but this depends on your location and current wind speed. We recommend you to use hard woods like hickory or fruitwoods when making pizza. This makes it taste a lot better.
As an extra advantage, this oven can also use gas in the absence of wood. This makes it a dual-powered oven and grants you extra convenience.

DIY ovens are great, but the benefits of this one far outweigh the DIY oven you have in mind to construct so you might as well save yourself the stress of constructing a brick oven.

 Small, portable, and lightweight.
 Easy to use.
 Versatile.
 Durable.

 The max temperature could be higher.
 You may need to procure an additional burner, if your preferred fuel is propane.
 No in-built thermometer; you may need to get one separately.

2. ROCCBOX Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

ROCCBOX Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

This one’s rated number one outdoor stand-alone pizza oven and is held in high esteem by GQ, The Times and Forbes. Doesn’t this give an insight into the quality of this product? This premium, top-quality given ascends to temperatures as high as 932°F, and in just sixty seconds, you can get your desired puffed up and crusty pizza. Nothing beats that!

This is one of the safest outdoor ovens in the market as it’s heavily insulated to safeguard you and your family from characteristic skin burns from metal ovens as the outer skin is made of silicone. The insulation also ensure that temperature attained doesn’t drop easily and every chunk of wood you throw in doesn’t go to waste. It is said to have an over 86% efficiency so the cost of wood is drastically reduced.

With this product, you save yourself one the biggest complaints of customers who buy outdoor ovens. You don’t have to think about buying other instruments required for the effective functioning and usage of this oven. It has an inbuilt thermometer to help you keep track of the temperature as you cook. It also comes with retractable legs so that you can position and mobilize your oven as you please. There’s no shortage of options here as its dual-fueled and whenever you choose to opt for convenience, you can switch to gas fuel. Due to its dual nature, ROCCBOX comes with both wood and gas burners. Additionally, it comes with a long pizza peel, so turning your pizza from one side to another doesn’t have to be a problem.

Although it is quite big to quickly churn out enough pizza, fish or vegetables for the guests of your outdoor party, its also easy to transport for your next camping experience and is a good option for a food truck. Even for pizza or oven novices, using this product is a walk in the park. You simply ignite the fuel, let it heat up a little and then you’re good to go. Learning curve? Not steep at all. Overall, it’s a great choice for an outdoor oven.

 Inbuilt thermometer.
 Family friendly.
 Good heat-retention capacity.
 Retractable, foldable legs.
 Easy to use.

 Takes quite some time to attain maximum temperature.
 Slightly pricey.


3. GYBER Hayes Wood-fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

GYBER Hayes Wood-fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

Okay, you love your pizzas – chicken, beef, pepperoni, and everything in between – but you hate dealing with the stress of sticks, stones and other complex stuffs? That’s not a problem. I mean, who likes to be stressed when there’s an easy way out? Hayes wood-fired oven is about the easiest way to get your pizzas ready in no time. The pizza is easy to use and uses wood pellets or wood chips conveniently. Whether you’re a novice to the world of pizzas or you simply want an easier option – you should opt for this one.

Due to its revolutionary air-circulation system, this oven heats up in a couple of minutes and helps cook your pizza throughout and leaves you with tasty and crispy pizza. Made with food grade top-quality stainless steel, it is lightweight, and the quality promises it will outlive other ovens.

Although it’s been tagged a “pizza oven” it comes with accessories to make fish, burgers, lamb choose, steaks, and even more. It’s one versatile pizza oven and getting it is a worthy investment. It comes with a high-quality baking board to give you a pleasurable baking experience. On its long chimney, a thermometer is attached to make sure you’re cooking at you desired temperatures. Specific foods require different temperatures, so you can don’t guess and ruin your food. Of all it’s great features, its most famous for its ability to heat up fast. Go for it if that’s what you want. Packaged with the product is an oven grill, a grease pan, pizza shovel, grill handle and a removable door with handle. A couple of extra benefits. Cool, right? I think so, too.

 Easy to assemble.
 Great build.
 Fast heat up.
 Aesthetically pleasing.
 Built-in thermometer.
 Easy to clean.


 Careful with the exterior.

4. Ilfornino Professional Series Wood Fire Oven

Ilfornino Professional Series Wood Fire Oven

If, like me, you’re a lover of pizza and a fan of outdoor parties then the Ilfornino Professional Series Wood Fire Oven is your best bet. Because Ilfornino is a customer conscious company, they have built in the customers review and complaints based on the Ilfornino basic, and have come up with this stellar product. It is made with high-grade stainless steel that comes with a thick gauge. This makes it easier to conduct heat and even easier to clean. The two layers of ceramic blankets ensures it doesn’t lose heat any quickly.

It heats up in about 22 minutes and you can get your pizza done in no time with less wood expenditure since its properly insulated. A cooking area of 1,007 square inches makes it an ideal choice for outdoor parties. In practice, it can make three large pizzas or six smaller ones in 70 seconds. Everyone gets a slice of pizza in no time and then you can merry and party till it gets dark. If you’re a fan of the traditional brick and mortar oven, this is the best alternative you can get. Equally effective and comes with a pizza peel. Again, the exterior temperature doesn’t tell the story of the interior temperature. Although it’s not advisable to go about caressing the exterior of an oven, it stays cool and touchable even when the interior temperature rises as high as 700°F.

It’s durable and very easy to set up. Although it’s heavy, it comes fully assembled apart from the long chimney which is detached and doesn’t require any professional aid to fully assemble.

Another great advantage of this product is the great customer support. Ilfornino is always very ready to assist in any way possible and the delivery is superfast. We think you should consider getting this as we strongly believe you won’t regret it.

 Fully insulated and economizes wood.
 Great price.
 Easy to fire up.
 Inbuilt thermometer
 Quite heavy.
 Fixing the chimney cap can be physically tasking.

5. Ooni Pro Outdoor Wood-fired Oven

Ooni Pro Outdoor Wood-fired Oven

This is definitely ahead of most of its peers, and that’s why it’s tagged “Pro.” This wood-fired oven is not limited to making awe-inspiring pizzas, you can also use it to bake jaw-dropping, oven-fresh bread and mouthwatering barbecue. As a matter of fact, your cooking with this pizza can only be limited by your imagination, as it is extremely versatile. Ooni outdoor oven revolutionizes outdoor cooking, as it makes it easier and more beautiful. You simply place this portable oven in a suitable spot after unfolding the retractable legs, load in your chunks of wood, add a few drops of alcohol to ignite the fire and let it warm up for sometime. Because Ooni values your time, this oven has a two-way airing system to supply with enough air to keep the fire burning optimally but safely. That’s why it gets up to 932°F and ready to use in less than 20-minutes. The proper steel insulation and stone baking board also means that the temperature is retained optimally. This can help cut down expenditure on wood (or gas).

The dual-fuel option means you can choose convenience traditional, eco-friendly wood method whenever you wish. This way, you only have to plug in a gas source and light it up. Whether you choose gas or wood though, the efficiency is more or less the same and you will have your pizzas coming out in no time. It has a wide cooking area so you can get up to 16” pizzas which can be sliced for everyone to join in on the party. Exciting!

Ooni Pro serves well in catering to the guests of an outdoor party, a restaurant or for home use. Using this baby is mostly a stress-free experience. It is also great to know that this oven is not static. It’s one great advantage over a typical brick-walled oven. Transporting this oven to other locations is very easy. A perfect choice for camp pizza and barbecue parties. If you’re looking for an oven to quickly make pizza, vegetables, sea foods or roast meats pleasurable, this could probably be the end of your search. Ooni Pro is right at your service.

 Portable and mobile.
 Cooks fast.
 Easy to assemble.
 Output is always tasty.
 Built-in thermometer.

 Gas and pellet features require additional payment.
 A slightly steep learning curve with mastering the temperature control.


Trivial as it may sound, it is worth reiterating the importance of caring for your outdoor oven wood fire. Despite the advent of many more convenient cooking combustibles, wood which is the oldest remain relevant. Having modern ovens that make using this eco-friendly and cost-effective possible and easy is a pleasurable experience. All you owe your oven is some routine maintenance to keep it working optimally. For the purpose of oven cleaning, you sure will always need these:
 Water.
 Vinegar.
 A shovel
 An absorbent piece of cloth.
 A large brass wire brush and
 A half moon-shaped copper wire brush.

After each use, let it get completely cooled off before trying to do any cleaning. Don’t risk clean g a partially hot oven even if you feel you can maneuver you way around it. Regularly clean off ash as accumulations can mean trouble for your chimney flue. Use a shovel to dole out the bulk of the ash then scrape the floor with a knife or scraper. Be careful not to harm the floor of the oven. Now use the half moon-shaped copper wire brush or bellows to blow of all ash. In case of soot accumulation, wrap your brush in wet cloth and reach out every part of the chimney.

Encrustations and grease stains should be removed by slightly raising the temperature of the oven to melt them up, then letting it cool down before using a sponge to wipe off the grease. Detergents should never be used as they made altar the taste of the food. Thankfully though, many modern ovens come with an anti-stick feature so cleaning is even easier than you think. Like everything else, an oven that’s subjected to a proper maintenance culture will sure last longer and perform better