Top Best Kabob Sticks


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Kabob sticks are an excellent option for folks that want to enjoy a fun meal experience while on a camping trip or a picnic. The long and round wooden sticks are also handy as they are biodegradable, inexpensive, and are devoid of the hassle of washing that their metal counterparts are known for. Not just this, kabob sticks allow friction between the food and the stakes. As a result, it is easier to rotate food at once effortlessly.

Kabob sticks are versatile tools for handling your meats and vegetables. With some measuring up to 12-inches in length with a corresponding thickness, they make kabobs easier to cook. Unfortunately, with more products in the market than buyers, the sticks are not without their downside. For example, inferior kabob sticks tend to split into splinter that could harm, especially if handled by a kid.

This is why we have come up with a review of the Top 5 kabob Sticks. The best products in the market that won’t split and that can handle high heat. If you don’t know how to use the sticks, then read on to find out the best products and use the sticks for significant results.


Top 5 Kabob Sticks Review 

1. HOPELF 12″ Natural Bamboo Skewers for Kabob 

HOPELF 12" Natural Bamboo Skewers for Kabob


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The HOPELF 12″ Natural Bamboo Skewers for Kabob has a thickness of 4mm to give additional strength that lets you work with heavier foods. It also comes with a fully polished body that is devoid of splinters. As a result, its chamfered ends and pointed tips make a handy way to handle your kabobs efficiently. The product is made from Moso Bamboo, a plant that grows to reach more than ten meters in a month. But it is not the growth that sets it apart; it is thanks to its rich plant fiber than is tough and of high quality.

The stick is sturdy and thick. With a top sharpened at 45-inches, it penetrates meat and food effortlessly. The stick end is polished and sliced to prevent producing burr. As a result, it is safer for use. Another exciting feature of the product is its flexibility. You can use it for BBQ, art, candy, and fruits for more than use besides for kabob. All the more reason why it is among the top kabob sticks in the market.


  • Flexible and versatile use
  • Eco-friendly and natural wood
  • Sticks come in resealable bags


  • Some customers didn’t like that the sticks were too sharp for kids

2. TONGYE Premium Natural BBQ Bamboo Skewers for Shish Kabob

TONGYE Premium Natural BBQ Bamboo Skewers for Shish Kabob

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Another amazing product to make our list of top kabob sticks is the TONGYE Premium Natural BBQ Bamboo Skewers for Shish Kabob. The product is a natural bamboo skewer that is sourced from an environment-friendly tree. A single pack of the product contains 200 sticks with a thickness of 3mm-4inch. It is also certified as a food-grade stick as it features a clean design with no split debris. Whether for grilling or partying, the sticks are versatile and can be used for many events beyond kabobs. An impressive transparent cylinder packaging eliminates the hassle of pierced packing due to the sharp points. Not just this, it doubles as a safe storage tank for continuous usage.

The length of the sticks is perfect, and it has a uniform diameter. It would help if you soaked it in water for about 30 minutes before use to avoid burning the sticks for the best result. Unlike products of less quality, the stick has no chemicals, and as a result, has no odor or taste. It is also an excellent product that encourages DIY as you can stick it into your kabob without help.


  • Plastic canister for storage
  • Consistent quality
  • Easy to clean up


  • The packaging tape is sticky


3. DecorRack Natural Bamboo Skewer Sticks

DecorRack Natural Bamboo Skewer Sticks

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The chef’s choice DecorRack Natural Bamboo Skewer Sticks comes in a pack of 400 bamboo sticks that are 6-inches long and 3mm-inches in diameter. Due to its impressive build, the stick can hold over 3lbs weight without breaking. As a result, it is an excellent product for handling many kabobs at the same time. The premium quality stick is also sturdy and features sharp and strong points for easy penetration. Plus, the product comes in four-packs of 100 sticks in each pack. By implication, you can do so much with a single product pack before ever revisiting the seller.

More than use at home, the product doubles as a commercial-grade kabob stick. This is thanks to its robust and strong build. Since they are made of bamboo, the sticks are renewable, and they break down easily and naturally to return to the environment where they came from.


  • Sturdy with great length
  • Works for heavy items
  • Functional design


  • There are reports of a few splits, but it won’t matter since there are so many sticks


4. Brandon-super Bamboo Skewers 6 Inch (200 Pcs) Natural BBQ for Shish Kabob Grill

Brandon-super Bamboo Skewers 6 Inch (200 Pcs) Natural BBQ for Shish Kabob Grill

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Not one, but two hundred pieces of the Brandon-super Bamboo Skewers 6 Inch Natural BBQ for Shish Kabob Grill is enough to see you through your project. The stick by Brandon-super is carefully selected with no debris or spits. With a dimension of 6-inches and 3mm, the product works for appetizers, DIY designs, grill sticks, and a host of other things that you can think to use it for. The sticks do not contain any addition, natural degradation material, or burr since it is designed from pure natural bamboo. Instead, they are suitable for parties, picnics, and delicious recipes.


As with most wooden sticks, the products are oven safe and won’t burn if exposed to heat. However, it would help if you soaked them in water before using them on open flame or in the oven. You can also wrap aluminum foil a few inches above the end to protect your fingers from the fire. Plus, the design of the sticks makes it easier to grill smaller items.


  • Clean storage bottle
  • Perfect length for kabobs and fruits
  • Sturdy wood with no splinters


  • Sticks are a little wide- a few that some buyers were not pleased with


5. SRXING Bamboo Skewers, Kebab Sticks, Wooden Skewers

SRXING Bamboo Skewers, Kebab Sticks, Wooden Skewers


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Your appetizers and parties just got better with the SRXING Bamboo Skewers, Kebab Sticks, Wooden Skewers. The product is of excellent quality with pointy tips and a fully polished body. It also has chamfered ends and is not splintery. The sticks are sourced from highly-renewable and eco-friendly bamboo with no splits and debris. Plus, it is also safe for use on food since it does not contain chemicals and odors.

Another exciting feature of the stick is that they are reusable, provided you don’t burn them. To do this, soak the sticks in water before you use them. Apart from this, the product is long and allows you to put considerable distance between you and the fire. Unlike most bamboo skewers, the sticks won’t splinter thanks to its clean and sturdy design. The consistent design is excellent, and it has an impressive thickness that, even when you cut the head, won’t affect the stick’s overall structural integrity.


  • Reusable
  • Excellent length
  • Sturdy design


  • Some buyers wished they were longer than 6-inches


Factor to consider before buying 



The form of the skewer determines its durability. Not just this, it defines its ease of use. For example, thick and long sticks tend to be more durable than thin and short ones. Not just for the meal, it affects the ease of use. For a thick and long kabob stick, you can use it to hold multiple heavy ingredients at the same time without crumbling. It also reduces the risk of burning yourself since the stick is long. Conversely, short and thin sticks will break easily. Hence, we recommend that you look for a considerably long stick with a consistent thickness.


Size of package

The goal of every purchase is to end up with as much value as possible. One way to end up with a valuable purchase as far as a kabob stick is concerned, is having as many sticks as possible in a single product. For example, some products that we have reviewed above contain up to 200 sticks. By implication, you have more to do so much more. Not just this, the probability of running short on sticks in the middle of cooking is reduced. Hence, it would be best to buy a product with considerably large quantities of sticks.



Pay attention to the stick’s after-use maintenance since it could decide how much stick you end up with at the end of the day. Re-sealable containers and bottles are excellent means of storing your sticks after use. We recommend handy and sturdy means of storage that won’t break quickly


Type of wood 

Sticks are preferred to metal skewers because they are safer for use on food. Since they do not contain artificial chemicals, the risk of poisoning and related harm is reduced. However, it would help if you were careful of the wood source since some have natural chemicals and odor. Plus, the type of wood also tells a lot about the strength of the product.



Look for products that you can use more than ones for versatile use. Although this largely depends on the condition of use, it won’t hurt to buy a stick certified as reusable.


How to prepare and use kabob sticks?


Stick treatment 

The first thing to do, especially if you plan to reuse the sticks, is to soak them all in water. To do this, look for a large dish or an empty water bottle that will fit the length of the sticks. If you want to, use more than one bottle or a container. The idea is so that you can submerge the sticks for an extended period without cramping them all together. Place the sticks inside the water and place a heavy object on top to hold them down. Since wood will float in water, we recommend that you place a metal object on them to discourage floating.


With the sticks submerged, let them stay underwater for about 30 minutes or an hour. You don’t have to worry about the temperature of the water. That is, you can use either hold or mild water. After this, pour out the water and lay the sticks on a clean surface to dry.


Preparing your kabobs 

After coating the sticks, you can proceed and spray a non-stick spray on them to keep foods from getting stuck on them. Do this before you attach any food to the sticks. This process is essential because it prevents vegetables and meats from sticking to your skewer. By implication, it makes it easier to remove. You can also spray your grill to keep the items from sticking. One warning, though, do not spray an operational grill. Only spray when it is not on and cold.


To avoid overcooking or undercooking your ingredients, combine foods that need equal cooking time on the same stick. For example, you can put peppers on the same sticks and chickens on another. Do not combine foods with uneven cook time to avoid undercooking or overcooking. Not just this, you should cut items into similar size and length so that you can even the cooking time.


After cutting the ingredients, make sure there is enough space between each item on the stick. This allows even heat distribution and cooking. You should also apply gentle force when you push the kabob as it may break the stick. For remarkable results, do not use a single stick. You can use two and lay the kabob flat to keep it from spinning and putting too much weight on the product.


How to cook and assemble kabobs? 

Since you know how to treat your kabob sticks for a significant result, let us show you how to cook and assemble your kabob.

  • The meat and chicken: Cut your meat into equal size and make them juicy. You can use marinade before you thread the meats, but it is not a compulsory process.
  • The vegetables: Thread your vegetables and meats onto your stick. For vegetables with longer cook time, like potatoes, cook it beforehand. However, cook the softer vegetables at the same time.
  • Spacing: leave spaces between the meats and the vegetables on the stick to allow heat distribution for an even cooking.
  • Foiling: protect the end of your sticks by laying thick foil at the edge of your grill. The process prevents the woods from getting burnt.
  • Grill setting: use direct and indirect heat setting for your kabobs. Lay the prepared ingredients on the stick on direct heat, with the ends overlapped on the foil. Turn the kabobs when the bottom looks charred a bit to the other side for even cooking. Once the entire item on the stick is seared, transfer them to an indirect-heat part of the grill and cover them for extra cooking. You can then remove from the grill and serve.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  • What are the best kabob sticks?

The best kabob sticks are sourced from a natural source and are eco-friendly. They are also clean and won’t split during use. Plus, products in this category are versatile, and they have multiple usage options beyond use for kabobs. You can look through our review for the best products by some of the industry’s best brands.  

  • Are wooden sticks better than metal skewers? 

Stick skewers are safer for use on food than their metal counterparts. However, on durability, metal skewers stand chief. Since wood tends to split and burn in the fire, it is harder to maintain a wooden skewer. Plus, metal skewers often come with handles for easy handling and are structured with contour areas that ease maneuvering. On the upside, sticks are easier to clean and are less expensive. So we leave the option of selecting the best between the two to you.

  • Am I supposed to soak my kabob sticks?

Sticks, unlike metal, will catch fire. Hence, the best way to guarantee protection for your valuable asset is to pre-soak them before use. This process improves resistance to heat for reuse.



It is essential to lay your hands on as much information as possible before you settle for a purchase. Hence, the need for this review. Instead of making your way through all the products in the market, you should read our Top 5 kabob Sticks review and make your purchase worth it. If you have already got yourself one, then read our buyers guide section to make your next purchase worth it.


Kabob sticks are an inexpensive improvement to your cooking. With a stick by your side, you can make all the delicacies that you want. The products let you prepare the ingredients with ease, ensure even heat distribution, and effectively utilize your grill. Plus, they are easy to store on the rack in the absence of a plastic container.

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