Top 5 Best BBQ and Grill Cleaning Sprays


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Summer is all about outdoor fun and barbecue dinners! However, one of the little things you have to do to ensure that your BBQ grill works at it should is to get It cleaned. Cleaning the BBQ grill also helps to prolong its lifespan since a build-up of grease and grime can cause rust and damage the oven. Also, a clean grill helps you prepare for an impromptu cookout.

But to clean your grill, one of the most important things you need is a grill spray. This is a chemical product formulated specifically for cleaning the hard-to-remove stains and grease on a BBQ oven. In this article, we will review 5 of the top grill cleaning sprays you can purchase. But first, we go over the important factors to consider in buying grill cleaners.

Factors to Consider When Buying a BBQ Grill Cleaner

Not all BBQ grill cleaners are as good as they claim to be, so when it comes to choosing the best BBQ grill cleaner, there are few factors to consider if you want to have the best and reliable BBQ grill. Here are some things to check:

Price: Before you go around shopping for a BBQ grill cleaner, you need to determine how you intend to spend. The price of BBQ grill cleaners varies depending on the brand, size, and formula used. Getting an expensive one might cost you more but they have some extra benefits and are likely to be of better quality. For instance, non-toxic and biodegradable grill sprays are likely to be more expensive. But it is safer to use them which makes up for the cost in the long run.

Volume: Another important factor that you need to consider when choosing a BBQ grill cleaner is the volume of the liquid. The more the volume of the liquid, the longer it takes you to exhaust it. So buying a larger bottle will help you reduce the cost of buying another in a short time range.

The grill material: BBQ grills are made of different materials like steel, iron, and aluminum, so before you get a BBQ grill cleaner, you need to consider the material the grill is made of and purchase a grill spray that will not damage it.

Non-toxic formula: It is best to get a BBQ grill cleaner that is non-toxic for your own safety. Many grill cleaners contain toxic ingredients that can cause damage to your skin when it comes in contact with it. Some sprays also produce fume that may be toxic when inhaled. The best BBQ grill cleaners also contain ingredients that are food-safe and will not contaminate your food.

Convenient sprayer: it is so easy to clean your grill when the sprayer is easy to operate. With a soft sprayer nozzle, you will find it easier to apply the liquid on the grill. This makes your cleaning faster and more convenient.

Shelf life: The shelf life is the life span of your grill cleaner. When choosing a BBQ grill cleaner, you need to be cautious about the shelf life, though they really don’t have expiry dates on them but production dates. Most cleaning sprays usually have a shelf life of one or two years after you open them. With this production date, you can easily figure out how long your grill cleaner will be effective.

Degreasing strength: The degreasing strength is the ability of the cleaner to remove grease or oil faster from a grill. A grease stain can destroy the beauty of your metal grill. This is why you need to look out for a BBQ grill cleaner that has a high degreasing strength. But make sure you wear protectives to protect your eyes and mouths when using them because they are made from a powerful chemical formula.

Additional features: one of the factors to consider when choosing a BBQ grill cleaner is the additional features, some manufacturers add these features in order to make it attractive and to reduce the stress of cleaning. For example, some grill cleaners come with a rag and you know definitely that you will need a rag when you spray the liquid on the grill.

Review of the Top 5 Grill Cleaning Sprays

  1. Easy-Off Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner, 24oz Can

This oven cleaning spray is an excellent spray specially formulated for getting rid of burned-on grime or grease. It is ideal for occasional and everyday use. Easy-off professional oven and grill cleaner is an effective solution for a wide range of ovens and barbecue grills surfaces. It is also an effective cleaner for broilers and broiler pans, oven doors, and other stainless steel surfaces. Easy off cleans out both warm and cold ovens. This NSF-certified spray is easy to use and it eliminates tough stains quickly. The spray cuts through stubborn baked-on grease within a short duration of time. It has a spot-clean wait time of 3 minutes. There is absolutely no need for hard scrubbing with an easy-off professional cleaner. Easy-off cleaner dissolves the toughest stains. The stains can be wiped off easily.



  • This cleaning spray is very simple and easy to use
  • It is a heavy-duty oven and grill cleaning spray
  • It provides amazing cleaning results in a short period.



  • It has a strong toxic smell.


  1. Citrusafe Grill Cleaning Spray – BBQ Grid And Grill Grate Cleanser (23oz).

This product provides you with a safe and easy way to clean your BBQ grid and grill grates. Citrusafe is a natural cleaning solution made for cleaning grills. But asides from grills, it can also be used on cookers, smokers, ovens, and even microwaves. Citrusafe cleaning spray is biodegradable and made from non-toxic compounds. It contains d-limonene compounds found in citrus for a safe cleaning experience. The fact that it is safe to use around foods does not make this product any less effective. Citrusafe spray was formulated to give a safer yet powerful alternative for cleaning out the cooking surfaces of a grill. Citrusafe is non-corrosive, non-flammable, and free from phosphate. Hence, it causes no harm when in direct contact with the skin. This cleaning product does not follow the conventional cleaning while hot method. It cleans out your grill when cool. This helps to eliminate stubborn greasy stains without unnecessary waste of time and fuel.



  • It has a great citrus-based scent.
  • It causes no skin irritation.
  • It is eco-friendly.



  • It is not for heavy-duty cleaning.


  1. Goo Gone Oven and Grill Cleaner – 14 Ounce – Removes Tough Baked On Grease and Food Spills Surface Safe

This foam spray works on the toughest grease, grime, and food spills. It provides an easy way to clean and maintain your surfaces. The Goo Gone Oven and Grill Cleaner safely break down stubborn burnt carbon deposits on your grill surface without causing damage to it. This cleaning spray is designed to penetrate and dissolve tough greasy food remains and stains at a rapid rate. One major benefit of using this cleaning spray is that it does not contain hazardous chemicals neither does it emit harmful fumes. It is also quite versatile and useful for a wide range of applications. It can be used on self-cleaning as well as non-self-cleaning ovens. Goo gone cleaner can also be used to clean out dirt on both indoor and outdoor grills, broiler pans, and oven doors. It is very easy to use. You just have to spray this product on the dirty surface and let the foam soak in the dirt for few minutes. You can then wipe dirt off with a soft sponge or brush and rinse out surfaces that get in direct contact with food and your oven or grill is left looking as good as new.



  • Versatile oven and grill cleaner
  • It has a nice smell in comparison with other products.
  • Multi-surface application


  • It may cause skin irritation. Use with gloves.


  1. Weiman Oven & Grill Cleaner – 24 Ounce – Broiler & Drip Pans, Oven & Ceramic Grill Interiors, & BBQ Grill Grates

This product serves the dual purpose of a cleaner and a degreaser. It effectively dissolves stubborn grease grime, baked-on food, and other residues. Weiman cleaner spray does much more than clean your oven or grill. It protects it from rust, deterioration, and the harbor of bacteria. Hence, this product is a good recommendation for oven interior surfaces and BBQ grill grates. This spray restores your oven and grill’s original shine. Weiman cleaner is quite easy to use. For oven interiors, spray on the surface, leave for a few minutes, scrub with a non-abrasive material, and finally wipe clean. That’s all it takes to make your oven and grill keep looking brand new.



  • 2-in-1 grill cleaner
  • Can be used for the oven interior
  • It has no strong odor



  • It requires more time to clean extremely dirty surfaces.


  1. Kingsford BB0131 Grill & Oven Cleaner

This grill and oven cleaning spray are specially formulated to cut through stubborn greasy and burned on food residues. It is effective for cleaning barbecue grills, ovens, broilers, and stainless steel surfaces. This product remains a great companion for charcoal grilling since it provides thorough cleaning for your grill to achieve optimum grilling greatness. To clean, place multiple newspaper layers on a non-wooden surface. Put the dirty racks on newspapers and brush off food particles. Hold the rack in a vertical position and spray. Stand at a distance of 12 inches away from the rack while spraying. After a minimum of 30 minutes, you can go ahead to wipe off the rack with a moist cloth or sponge. Or you can just rinse the racks thoroughly.

Kingsford grill and oven spray give rapid and spotless cleaning results.



  • It is easy to use.
  • The spray foam is thick.
  • Provides impressive cleaning results



  • It is designed to clean just the grill racks, not the entire grill.


How to Clean Your BBQ Grill?

The concept of cleaning a BBQ grill might sound cumbersome. But it is in fact quite easy and takes fairly less time compared to scrubbing pots and pans after you finish cooking. It helps to have all the right tools and equipment you need to do a thorough and efficient job.

The following are some of the steps to follow to clean your BBQ grill. Note that you can follow these steps no matter what your grill runs on whether it is charcoal, electric, or gas.

Step1: Heat and cool your BBQ

Allow the grill to be slightly heated. You can put the lid on for about 15 minutes, till it’s at room temperature. The heat burns food residues thereby making cleaning easier. Turn off the heat, and allow the BBQ to cool off until it is safe to handle.

Step 2: Open it up and disconnect it

The grill is made up of several parts. To effectively clean it, you will need to open and dismantle the unit as far as you can. This gives you proper access to the main grill, the grate, and the grill tray.

Step 3: Soak and clean the grates or spray with a grill cleaner

Put the grates in warm soapy water or spray it with a grill cleaning solution.  Depending on the type of grill cleaner you use, you may be required to wait for a few minutes before using a coarse brush or a metal wire sponge to thoroughly scrub off the burnt grease resulting from the food residues. After cleaning lean grates against the wall and rinse with a hose spray to get rid of residue from the grill cleaning solution.

Step 4: Clean the grill interior

The grill box which is underneath the grate accumulates grease and food particles that fall into it. This could be dangerous as it either disrupts airflow or causes over firing. So, this also needs to be cleaned regularly. Use the grill brush to scrub the inside wall of the grill box and use a damp cloth to wipe it. While for the sides, use a putty knife or a spatula to scrape as much gunk as you can.

Step 5: Protect your bbq from future buildup and rust

Aside from cleaning regularly, some precautions will prevent your grill from rusting. You can grease the grill with vegetable oil before and after grilling. Another method for preventing rust is scrubbing hot grates with slices of onions. Organic compounds released from the onion are believed to break down stubborn rust and grease. After every use, clean the lid, burner, and grill tray with dishwashing liquid on a sponge, rinse with a wet cloth, and clean dry

With these cleaning steps carried out regularly, you are sure to enjoy your bbq grill. These steps are easy to do yourself and keep your grill in good use for a longer period. However, for a deeper cleaning, you can demand the service of an expert.

Frequently Asked Question

How often should the BBQ grill be cleaned

It is recommended that you scrape the grates of your BBQ oven with a brush each time you use it to grill. Doing this keeps the build-up of food residue and grease to minimal levels. A thorough cleaning is recommended at least twice a season.

Can I clean the BBQ grates while they are still warm?

Yes, in fact, except for some grilling sprays that can work on cold surfaces, many grill cleaning sprays are designed to work more efficiently when the grates are still warm. This will help the food particles come off more easily than when the grate is fully cooled down.  Be sure to check the instructions on the grill spray before you use it to be sure of how it should be used.

Do eco-friendly grill cleaners work?

If you are concerned about the environmental impact of using your grill cleaner, you can go for eco-friendly products that are considered safer for the environment. Although these types of grill cleaners tend to have milder chemicals, they are still very effective for cleaning

What other cleaning accessories are needed to clean a BBQ grill?

Asides from your grill spray, you will need other cleaning accessories to thoroughly clean your BBQ oven. One important cleaning accessory is the wire brush. This is used to scrub food residue off the grill grates. Scouring sponges may also be required. Cotton rags can also be used to wipe off some parts of the grill that cannot be cleaned with harsh brush or sponges. You also need to get safety accessories like gloves and a nose mask to protect yourself from harsh chemicals or fumes.


Your backyard cookout is likely to leave your grill with food residue, and some grease, fat, or sauce. A buildup of this over time can affect the taste of your food and damage your grill in the long run. This is why cleaning the grill using a good quality grill cleaning spray like the products recommended above are highly recommended.