Best electric grills – Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!


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Electric grills are becoming very popular these days because with the electric grills you can easily grill your favorite food to make it scrumptious and ready in minutes without any hassle for arranging charcoal as required in charcoal grills or propane or LPG gas for gas grills.

When most people think about outdoor barbecue and tailgating parties, what usually comes to mind is the sizzling flames of a charcoal grill. While the traditional charcoal grill is still a fairly solid image of what an open-air barbecue nights-out should be, the gas-fueled grill and electric units are close modern-day contenders.

In fact, these days, electric grills are fast gaining popularity for a variety of reasons mostly for their ease of use and smokeless cooking which makes them suitable for indoor use. In this article, we provide some solid arguments both for and against electric grills which you should consider if you ever decide to get one. This will also serve as a buying guide to help you choose the best electric grills for your use and also include an in-depth review of two of the top electric grills to consider.

Best indoor electric grills

Zojirushi EB-DLC10 Indoor Electric Grill

Nice grill with large ceramic grilling surface with titanium nonstick coating and stainless steel durable body which is easy to clean and store. you can remove the different parts for cleaning and it comes with 1500 watt heating element to cook your food and keep it juicy till it’s served.

Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill

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it can cook food in variable temp range from 176°F to 410°F to cater to all kinds of different food items which requires less heat and high heat. it works on 1300 w current per hour and 120 v.

The company gives 1-year warranty in case of any problem and a lot of people like it and use, so you can too after buying it with a discount from below. this grill comes in dimensions of 20.8 x 14 x 3.6 inches and weighs around 10 lbs.

Overall its great electric grill but some people face problem while cleaning this electric grill after cooking. if you are planning to buy this grill at the lowest price then don’t forget to click button below as it will give you best price and you can also read some latest user reviews before buying.


Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill for smart people

Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill

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it comes with good quality removable plates which can be washed in dishwasher easily .moreover you can also remove the drip trays to get rid of dirty after cooking easily which ultimately helps in fast cleaning.

you can use it in bbq mode also and adjust its height to 6 adjustable modes according to your needs. this Breville grill comes in dimensions of 15 x 6.5 x 16 inches and weighs around 22 lbs.

it works on the voltage of around 110-120 volts and comes with 1800 watt heating surface for cooking .you can adjust the temp also from 310-450 F for delicious fully cooked meals in low, panini and sear modes


Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler -immensely popular in the market


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its one of my favorite grill and widely liked by others also who bought it as its top unit can work as a normal grill, panini press, griddle, full grill to give yummy grilled food every time.

it comes with a floating cover and stainless steel body for durability and endurance.

It’s cooking plates are removable and reversible with nonstick coating for easy and healthy cooking. moreover, you can also adjust the temperature with the controls given on grill and get an indication of it via led lights on the grill. Tthe package includes scraping tools and some yummy recipes to get started right after you buy it with the discount form below at lowest price to make your family and friends happy after serving scrumptious food to them made by this amazing indoor electric grill.

It comes in dimensions of 17 x 13 x 10 inches and weighs around 15 lbs. some time cleaning can be of issue.clean it after you make the dishes, don’t keep it dirty or it will add rusting to the grill over time. To read user reviews and buy at a discounted price click button below.


George Foreman GRP99 Electric Grill -serious contender to consider before buying 

George Foreman GRP99 Next Generation Grill

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It’s an amazing electric countertop grill which features 100 sq inches of nonstick cook area which comes with patented slope design to remove grease easily for cleaning. It also has 1.5 inches of floating hinge to press the food items from above to cook evenly from all sides.

It also features digital timer along with adjustable temp control with led indicators. its grill plates and drip tray can be cleaned in a dishwasher. It comes in a dimension of 17 x 7 x 14 inches and weight of 12.8 lbs.


Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor Grill -people choice grill

Its a quite popular indoor grill among many people of society as its portable in nature and less in weight besides that it doesn’t cost much and works for all the small needs of most of the people.

Hamilton Beach 25360 Indoor Grill

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It’s an amazing indoor grill which comes with high heat grilling and searing capacity with adjustable temp control along with non-stick plates and led temp indicators for working and pre heat conditions.

Its plates and drip tray can be washed easily in the dishwasher. overall it’s a nice indoor grill to buy, so go ahead and buy now for great grilling experience every time with this comes in dimensions of 12.2 x 16.9 x 6.7 inches and weighs around 8 lbs.


Best outdoor electric grill 

Char Broil 240 TRU InfraRed Electric Patio Bistro for outdoor grilling

It’s a nice all-purpose outdoor electric grill that’s capable of serving you while having an outdoor party in your back lawn in a neighbor where charcoal grills won’t be a perfect fit to cook some scrumptious grilled items for happy time together with your family and friends.

Char Broil TRU InfraRed Electric Patio Bistro 240

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It’s a nice outdoor electric grill which comes with 240 sq inch of cooking surface with additional 80 sq inch warming rack which can easily accommodate 8-12 burgers. This electric infrared-based grill allows you cook your food evenly throughout without any violent and harmful flare of gas.

It comes with high-quality cast iron grates which seem to be rust resistance and easy to clean as they have porcelain coating on them.

it also features foldable side shelves which provide space for preparation of your food before grilling. this charbroil grill comes in dimensions of 25.6 x 39.8 x 39.8 inches and weighs around 54 lbs.

it also has a temp control knob, big size grease tray to keep the dirt and grease away from your food along with storage rack on the grill for keeping the essential grilling items and utensils.

weber Q 1400 outdoor electric grill

Weber Q1400 Electric Grill

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it’s a nice grill which comes with 6-foot long cord for easy connecting over a long distance easily. besides that, it also features infinite control burner valve settings for adjusting the heat according to the requirement.

it comes with 189 sq inch of cooking space powered by 1560 watt of the heating element to cook your food completely.

it comes with cast iron cooking grates along with cast iron body and cover lid for enhanced durability of this outdoor electric grill. this Weber grill comes in dimensions of 20.5 x 27 x 23.5 inches and weighs around 30 lbs.

people who have bought this grill have loved it and rated it with 5 stars on Amazon, you can also buy this electric grill with a discount from below link and check out other people reviews too on Amazon.

if you are looking for a bigger version of this Weber electric grill then you can buy Weber Q 2400 outdoor electric grill for bigger cooking space which results in faster cooking time.

Masterbuilt 20150414R: Top Electric outdoor/Veranda Grill

its a nice and compact outdoor electric grill meant to cook tasty food in it with its 1650 watt heating rods in your patio is easy to assemble and use without any complications and comes with removable drip tray for easy cleaning after cooking.

it features high-quality stainless steel temp gauges along with adjustable temp control with a thermostat to cook the food on right temp to make it juicy from inside and crispy from outside.


Masterbuilt 20150414R Electric outdoor Grill

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this grill comes in dimensions of 23.2 x 18.5 x 41.3 inches and weighs around 21 lbs. costumers who have bought this are loving, you would too. To buy it at discount and check customers reviews click the button below.

George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

This amazing foreman electric grill allows you to cook up to 12 servings in one go in spite of having only 200 sq inches of cooking area to cater all your party friends with tasty grilled food easily with leaving any mess around which you might get when using charcoal or propane grills.

not to forget that it comes with adjustable temp knob which allows you choose among 5 cook setting for the different temperature to cook your food completely from inside out without messing around with knob every second to adjust the temperature. It comes with nonstick coating which makes it durable and easy to clean when not in use.

George Foreman 12-Serving Outdoor Electric Grill

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The drip tray which collects the extra fats, grease, and butter is dishwasher safe which helps you to keep it clean without messing with it much. it comes in dimensions of 9.1 x 24 x 12.1 inches and weighs around 15 lbs which I think is nice compared to the amount of space it offers for cooking.

Moreover it comes with fully removable stand which makes your grill portable and easy to use for outdoor patio, tailgate parties etc. and indoors when it’s rainy outside but you want to grill great food and enjoy with your family, this grill will become a nice tabletop electric grill and help you cook delicious food in no time from your kitchen countertop easily.


Ninja Foodi AG301 5-in-1 Indoor Electric Countertop Grill

This powerful electric grill delivers the power and efficiency of an outdoor grill but is perfect for your countertop. This is a versatile grill with a 5-in-1 design. It offers the power of an air fryer, bakes, roasts, and dehydrates food. The cyclonic grilling technology combined with a super hot high-density grilling grate also ensures that your food is thoroughly cooked both on the inside and outside.


With this unit, you can enjoy an entirely smoke-free cooking experience. The grill grate is temperature-controlled. There is also a splatter-shield and a cool-air zone all of which ensure a smokeless operation.


This unit features a ceramic-coated grill grate for durability. The grate is also non-stick which makes cleaning the unit quite convenient. A no-flip design means you don’t have to worry about your steak or fish sticking to the grate when you attempt to flip while cooking thanks to the non-stick grates.


Enjoy seamless cooking with this countertop grill. It takes food from frozen to char-grilled in just 25 minutes. You also get full control over your cooking thanks to a digital control panel. You can choose between different cooking functions and select your desired cooking time and temperature based on your preference. This smart cooking system helps to take the guesswork out of your cooking experience.



  • 5-in-1 design
  • 500-Degree Cyclonic Air for all-round cooking
  • Easy to use



  • It has a significant footprint. You might want to watch that if you don’t have a lot of space to spare


Cuisinart Electric Griddler, Stainless Steel

This Cuisinart Electric Griddler comes with a 5-in-1 cooking feature along with an additional sear functionality. The removable and reversible plates also make the unit extra-versatile. Once removed, you seamlessly transform this unit from a grill to a griddle. This is your ever-versatile kitchen companion. It can be used as anything from a simple contact grill to a full grill, half-grill/griddle, full griddle, or as a panini press depending on your cooking needs.


We can’t get enough of how user-friendly this unit is. It features various digital controls as well as an LCD that displays your exact grill temperature. The digital display also shows the preheat status of your food as well as a countdown timer for your cooking. While cooking you can easily adjust cooking temperatures from 175-450 degrees depending on your cooking needs.


This electric grill has a sleek design that will fit right on your countertop. There is a stainless steel top cover that helps to protect the grill plates when not in use. This unit features non-stick cooking plates and dishwasher-safe parts for hassle-free cleanup. There is a scarping tool for cleaning that comes with the setup as well.



  • Highly-versatile grill
  • LCD display
  • Sear functionality
  • Simple but sleek design



The unit does not shut off on its own when the set time elapses


Advantages of electric grills


size is a big advantage of electric grills as small electric grills can be fit anywhere in the kitchen, backyard, table top to cook food enough for 4-5 people, big electric grills which are comparatively small then other types of grills like gas etc can cook for up to 10-15 people without taking to much space in your backyard or patio.


electric grills are in the medium price range and don’t take too much electricity for working moreover if you have a solar panel at your home then it might become free too. if you buy traditional gas grill then its comparatively expensive and consume more gas over time to make it cost more for cooking delicious meals.


electric grills are quite a safe option for indoor cooking as it doesn’t produce any smoke(rarely) and flames of gas, charcoal, and ashes of burnt charcoal and wood and comes with auto-off feature which turns it off it temp rise to very high to prevent any sparking and short circuit due to high voltage.

Easy to use

electric grills are easy to use and plug and play. all you need to know turn the grill on and start cooking the food by placing it on the grill. maintenance is also easy as it comes with drip tray for removing grease etc and you can wash cooking surface in dishwashers and clean the grill with dry cloths. keep it dry to prevent any electric components damage and if any wiring issues occur then it can be solved easily by an electrician at low cost if you grill is out of warranty

Drawbacks of electric grills

Plugin issues

sometimes it happens that you need to use the electric grill but you can’t find the plugin socket to get it working which can be an issue and your mood can get ruined. when you are planning to cook in backyard or patio then you will have to use a long extension wire to the socket from the grill as there may not be any in your vicinity which can be cumbersome and also cause of concern as it could get tangled in your kids or pets legs and get short circuit or wire break.


food cooked on electric grill lacks flavor as no smoke comes out form the grill like in charcoal or pellet grills which induces charcoal or wood pellet flavors in your food items.


you can control the heat temp on the grill to cook whatever you want at right temp but it doesn’t cook things which requires ultra high temp for searing and complete cooking. for those items, gas or charcoal grills are best.

Things to consider before buying an electric grill


Timers on the electric grills are great to have for monitoring the cooking time of dish for perfect cooking without burning them. some grills come with preset timers for some food items which are popular. so always check out for timers on the grills before buying.

Temperature controls

Always check out for temp control on the electric grill as it helps you regulate the temp for cooking the dishes at right temp without burning them. some grills with thermostat and high temp settings cost more as it allows you to cook dishes which requires high temp like steaks etc.


The nonstick cooking surface is a must-have in electric grills as it removes all the unwanted grease and oil from the food without making the food item stick to the surface. electric grills with nonstick removable grilling plates are also easy to clean as you can directly put them in the dishwasher for cleaning without hassles. so always give preferences to electric grill with a nonstick cooking surface.

Cleaning Ease

Electric grills are built mostly for indoor use which means being able to clean them after each use is important. Cleaning may also prolong the useful life of your grill. How easy to clean your unit will depend on the material use and the presence of features such as the presence of a drip pan and draining system to catch grease, non-stick grates, easily accessible trays, and removable parts. These features ensure hassle-free cleanup of your unit after use. You may also want to consider how dishwasher friendly your grill is. Usually, the manufacturer will specify if the parts are dishwasher safe and which ones you have to clean by hand. Double-check on this just to be sure.


Since electric grills are designed for use in closed personal spaces, they need to have some safety features built into them. A good electric grill should be built in a way that the exterior does not get searing hot to avoid burns. You also want a safety switch or auto-shut-off feature that turns the unit off if it ever gets too hot or a power surge occurs. Check these safety features as they are important in preventing fire-hazard and keeping users safe during use.

Electricity required

Make sure that your grill consumes lowest watts and provides a maximum heating output as it would make it good for the environment due to low electricity consumption and also your bill will come low. some grills are energy star rated try to find them and buy one with maximum stars. also, check watts required for per hour of usage before buying to get an estimate of how much electricity it will consume then compare the number with other similar grills then buy the best one for your needs which consume the lowest electricity off all.

Electric grills FAQ

How to clean my electric grill?

Cleaning electric grill is not a big issue only you need to be a little bit careful while cleaning electric grills.

Do not try cleaning it when it is hot or connected to power source, let it cool down after use then clean it for your safety.

You can make use of little water and dishwasher soap or baking powder to clean the upper surface and outer parts of the electric grill easily. for other surfaces with hard stains and grease marks, you can make use of citrus-based detergent or vinegar along with grill brush with steel bristles to clean the surface effectively without any issues.

To clean the heating element and heating surface along with cooking grates of your electric grill you need to make use of dry cloth along with a good quality brush or scrub and sponge with little water if required. take special care while cleaning if its indoor electric grill and make sure while cleaning you do not destroy the electric components of the grill as it could ruin your grill and will cost you lot of money to repair.

Is it healthy to cook on electric grills?

Yes, it is healthy to cook and eat in electric grills as it produces no gas fumes or charcoal smoke like in gas and charcoal grills which are not liked by many people who don’t like the gas smell and smoked works on electricity and produces no open flames which make it preferred choice of many. besides that, it is also safe to use, energy efficient and good for health to eat non-smoky food which makes it liked by lots of people. so go ahead buy an electric grill from above to eat healthy food always.

Hope you like our collection of best electric grills to buy the best grills in your budget and enjoy the delicious grilled food with your family and friends indoors in your cozy and warm home environment.

Can I use an electric grill indoors?

Yes. Electric grills are built mainly for indoor use. Although there are some units designed specifically for outdoor grilling purposes, most electric grills are smokeless and provide a handy way to enjoy an outdoor barbecue experience without setting up outside of your home. You don’t need a propane tank or charcoal. You simply plug into an electrical outlet and you are good to go.

How does an electric grill work?

It is common knowledge that an electric grill does not use an open flame to cook food like charcoal and gas grills do. So how do they work? An electric grill has a hot coil made from a nickel-chromium alloy. When current is passed through this alloy, heat is generated. There is no combustion or flame and the associated smoke that comes with it.


Finding a grill that can provide sufficient and reliable heat for your cooking can be difficult especially since there are a lot of :so-called” quality grilling options out there. An electric grill is your top choice if you desire smokeless and healthy grilling. It is also “not-so-expensive” to purchase compared to other grills and you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel. Hopefully this guide has given you some information about choosing the right one for you among the three main types of grills and will also help you with choosing the best electric grill that is just right for you from the various models and brands available.

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