Grills are an integral part of the good kitchen where the best food is cooked with the hands of best cook in the house grills are the cooking appliances used to cook delicious food by applying the heat from below.

Grilling mechanism has existed in the world since pre-colonial times barbecue is both cooking method and also the apparatus which is used to cook the tasty food. Barbeque originally was used to slow-cook hogs of various types however sometime later, different ways of preparing food led to regional variations for cooking different variety. Over a period of a few decades, other foods also started being cooked in a similar way like hamburgers and hot dogs which are now days very popular in every part of the world.

Mr. E.G. Kingsford first invented the modern charcoal briquette grills. Kingsford was a relative of Mr.Henry Ford who assigned him the task of establishing a Ford auto parts plant and sawmill in northern Michigan, a challenge that Kingsford embraced gracefully and did it successfully. Kingsford noticed that Ford’s Model T production lines were generating a large number of wood scraps that were being discarded which he further decided to turn in something more innovative and fruitful for Mr. Henry

Outdoor gas grills were later invented in the early 1950s by Mr.Don McGlaughlin, owner of the Big Chicago Combustion Corporation, known today as LazyMan. He invented the first built-in grill from the successful gas broiler called BROILBURGER. This first Lazy-Man grill was sold as “open-fire charcoal-type gas broilers” which got featured coal grills or lava grills. His design was the first to feature and make use of 20-lb propane cylinders

Types Of Grills

Gas Grills

Gas-fueled grills generally make use of propane (LP) or natural gas (NG) as a fuel source, with gas-flame of the grills either cooking food directly or heating grilling elements which in turn radiate the heat necessary to cook food. Gas grills are available in various sizes ranging from small, single steak grills up to large, industrial-sized restaurant grills which are able to cook enough food to feed hundreds of people.

Infrared Grills

Infrared grills work on propane or natural gas to heat a ceramic tile on the above surface, which then emits infrared radiation due to which the food is cooked and tastes very good. The thermal radiation generated from the propane fuel when heat from the movement of charged particles within atoms is converted to electromagnetic radiation in the infrared heat frequency range to cook the food without any problems. The benefits are that heat is evenly distributed throughout the cooking surface with temperatures reaching over 500 °C(900 °F), thus allowing users to cook items quickly.

Infrared cooking differs from other forms of grilling and cooking methods because Instead of heating the air in the atmosphere to cook, infrared radiation heats the food directly without any harm and food destruction which leads to reduction in pre-heat time and less drying of the food during the time it is being cooked and also after being cooked. Many Chefs and Hundreds of Grilling enthusiasts claim that food cooked on an infrared grill tastes similar to food from other charcoal grills and also the food seems to taste more moist and juicier. not to forget that these kinds of infrared grills have many advantages over others like instant ignition, better heat control, and a uniform heat source.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills use either all-natural lump charcoal or charcoal briquettes as their fuel source for cooking smoky and good food. When the charcoal is burned, it will get transformed into embers radiating the heat necessary to cook delicious food.

What is the Purpose of Grills like BBQ grills, charcoal grills, gas grills, Electric grills etc

Grill is an incredible cooking appliance that makes one’s cooking experience wonderful.

The ceramic cooker design has been around for roughly 3,000 years. The shichirin, a Japanese grill traditionally of ceramic construction, has existed in its current form since the Edo period. The ceramic cooker is more versatile than the kettle grill in cooking as the ceramic chamber retains heat and moisture more efficiently for more yummier food. moreover, they adapt the heat equation for grilling, smoking, and barbecuing foods.

Tandoor Grills are used for cooking certain types of Irani, Indian and Pakistani food to add incredible smoky taste to them, such as tandoori chicken and naan, paneer tikka etc. In a tandoor, the wood fire is kept in the bottom of the oven and the food to be cooked is put on long skewers and inserted into the oven from an opening on the top so the meat items are above the coals of the fire. cooking with tandoor grills involves both grilling and oven cooking as the meat item to be cooked see both high direct infrared heat from the tandoor and the heat of the air in the oven evenly flowing across the food to be cooked. Tandoor ovens operate at temperatures of 500 °F (260 °C) and cook the food items very quickly and evenly throughout.

Who Can Use These Awesome Grills

Anyone and everyone with a passion to cook yummy and delicious food can use one of the grills according to their need and its availability in the market or online stores like Amazon from various different types like Charcoal grills, electric grills , barbecue grills etc

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