Best Grill covers for 2018:Must CHECK this before buying grill covers

We all love grilled food for which we tend to spend our hard earned money on buying a nice quality grill which fits our budget and gives us good food too, but it is our basic responsibility that we need to protect that grill from dust, dirt, rusting ,rainwater etc in all possible way by implementing the ways like regular cleaning of grill ,carrying it safely for easy transport without bumping it here and there applying regular oils on its wheel and bolts,keep the bolts intact and change the weared out parts, keep it covered by grill cover etc to keep the grill working for a long time and prevent any external and internal factors to harm and stop its working .

So keeping this in mind, here we have come up with some good quality grill covers selections which you can buy with discount and keep your outdoor grills covered to protect them from sun rays, insects, rainwater etc which would ultimately increase the life of your grill and help you cook tasty food for long.

So come on folks without any further delay lets hop onto the list of best grill covers in 2018 right below for protecting the grills easily

1. Kingkong 7553 | 7107 Gas Grill Cover Kit 

They are the perfect covers for Weber Genesis E and S Series Gas Grills and similar other grills.they are high quality covers made from heavy-duty vinyl which makes it Water resistant, UV resistant, Crack-resistant to withstand and safe your grills even in harsh weather conditions.

Kingkong 7553 - 7107 Gas Grill Cover Kit

this cover kit comes with some additional items as bonus which includes a nice grill brush, cooking thermometer along with tongs to cook perfect dishes with your grills every time without any hassles.

moreover, the design is very good and it features Velcro straps for complete safety of your grill from all sides in all types of weather conditions.

It comes with 3-year company warranty and in dimensions of 44 x 24 x 60 inches.people who have bought this for their grill keeping in mind the right size of their grill have liked it and you can see their reviews and buy this at the lowest price from the button below.

2. Classic Accessories Montlake FadeSafe Grill Cover 

Classic Accessories Montlake FadeSafe Grill Cover

3. Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

4. Grill Cover – Good Quality garden home Outdoor

Grill Cover - garden home bbq grill cover

5. Texas Gas Grill Cover

Texas Gas Grill Cover

6. Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover

7. VonHaus 60″ High-Quality BBQ Cover

VonHaus 60 inch BBQ grill Cover

8. Homitt Gas Grill Cover, 58-inch waterproof long lasting

Homitt waterproof Gas Grill Cover

9. Weber 7107 good quality Grill Cover 

Weber 7107 Grill Cover

10. Char-Broil 2-3 Burner All-Season grill Cover

its a nice medium duty grill cover perfect for grills up to 52 inches having 2-3 burners.its made up of 300 d polyester with pvc inner comes with side closures straps to keep the grill secured from sides and prevent blowing up of cover in wind and rain.if you got bigger grill then you can buy the bigger version of this grill cover.

Char-Broil 2-3 Burner All-Season high quality grill Cover

Its dimensions are 52 x 23 x 38 inches i.e about 27 inches wide and 46 inches tall approx.the material of grills os fine and would last longer if you take care of it and don’t tear it or ruin it from edges etc.for the lowest price of this cover press the button below

Things to know before buying grill covers

1. Shape and size

Grill covers of right shape and size go long way as it perfectly fits the grill without any loose ends which prevent any tearing of cover edges when it may be tight to fit the grill or to lose to be blown away by the winds and get your grill exposed to dirt, wind, rain water etc.

So make sure that your cover is of right size which you can get from your grill manufacturer or if they don’t make them by a similar one from any other manufacturer which fits your grill to 80-90% if not 100% to protect your grill and make it work for longer.

2. Durability and Quality

Durability and quality of the cover is yet another important factor which should be kept in mind while purchasing a nice cover for your grill.your cover should be strong and waterproof and wear resistant to last longer and prevent any water logging onto your grill.if you keep your grill in open area then make sure that your grill cover is of good quality and long lasting which won’t fade away with the extream sunshine and will protect your grill always.

It should be made of up good quality material like vinyl etc but not from scrap material like canvas ,polyester etc .moreover if you a buy  a good quality, strong and thick cover for your grill then it would cost more than cheap ones which are of inferior quality, so don’t hesitate to spend little more to protect your grill which is more expensive. Make sure that quality of the grill cover cloth material is good and long lasting for better protection of your grill.

Also, your grill cover should be insect and mosquito resistant as in some area there are a lot of insects in open patio area where the grill is kept, so this feature could be useful for that purpose.

While purchasing a grill cover you may find that some of them come with air vents which reduce the chances of ballooning of cover in wind days which if happens could put dust in wind on your grill ,moreover they prevent grill from rusting and corrosion as the moisture and condensation under grill cover is not possible with these covers.

Some covers even come with tie down bottom ankles with mini threads and ropes which are an essential feature to look out for if you keep your grills outside to prevent getting your cover blown away by strong winds and get your grills exposed. a good grill cover must have a string ties or hooks at bottom of grill to keep the cover intact and grill fully covered even on windy and rainy days for better protection.

Hope you liked our little collection of best grill covers to buy in 2018 from different cover manufacturer shared above to protect your grill and keep it intact when not in use. If you have a grill cover already which is good then let us know in comment section below why you like it but if you don’t have then you must buy it after careful scrutiny from the choices given above to cover your grill fully because top quality grill cover seems to play a major roll in protection of your grill over long term which we all want and is in our best interest to keep grilling and enjoying the scrumptious grilled food.


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